Welcome to the Solent Sail Cargo Voyage Co-op.

Connecting customers across Hampshire & Dorset with small global producers | Delivering ethical goods emission free by sailing ship.

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Solent Sail Cargo is a part of the Voyage Co-op initiative connecting customers across the south of England with small producers from overseas and delivering their ethically sourced products emission free by sailing ship.


Solent Sail Cargo focuses on building community and working in place serving customers here in Hampshire and Dorset.

The Solent Sail Cargo Voyage Co-op takes a pre-order and collect approach, connecting you and other local people with the provenance and journey of the products that you buy. You become part of the story of these wonderful, sustainable products and share their journey virtually until you meet the actual ship, the crew and your products here, in person, on a Hampshire quayside.

If you would like to discover amazing products that cannot be grown here in the UK but can be imported without emissions to make them maritime-local, please join our community here.


If you are located elsewhere please connect with one of our wonderful partners in the Voyage Co-op.

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