Our Nordouro Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a number of small family producers in the village of Sabrosa, Fernão de Magalhães, in the Trás-os-Montes region of north-eastern Portugal, high up the Douro river beyond the mountains.


This region, which produces olive oil of an exceptionally high standard on its steep slopes and schist soils, was awarded its own Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) in 1994 and has won many prizes across the world for the quality of its oils.


Our Nordouro Extra Virgin Olive Oil results from the combination of the best Cobrançosa and Galega olives together with the most careful oil extraction process. With a slightly peppery aroma of fresh olives, grass and citrus fruit, our olive oil is perfect for dipping, dressings and for cooking.


And all brought to your kitchen in a most sustainable way.


Our olive oil is available in 5 litre containers for use in restaurants and at home, and in beautiful glass bottles in 500ml and 700ml sizes for retail or use at home.


We do encourage our retail customers to buy a glass bottle and then refill it from one of the larger containers.


For more information please contact sales@shippedbysail.org or use the online shop.