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Our passion is to bring delicious, high quality products, which cannot be grown or produced domestically, to our discerning customers in a sustainable way.


The way in which most of our food and other goods is currently imported is bad for the environment, contributing to both climate change and poor air quality, and is not sustainable. And this needs to change. Shipped by Sail is making that change by using sailing ships to bring our fantastic products to these shores.


We understand that transport is only one aspect of sustainability, and that is why the products we offer come from well supported farms and have as little detrimental effect on the environment as possible.


At present these products include extra-virgin olive oil from Portugal and coffee from Colombia.


We also believe strongly in growing our food and buying our goods locally. In fact if the locally grown peppermint and rapeseed oil does it for you all the time, then that is brilliant. But sometimes we have a strong desire for other products, which cannot be grown or produced domestically.


And that is where Shipped by Sail comes in - by transporting our products using sailing ships we can make these global products local.

Visit our shop to find our products.

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