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Do you have products that you would like to transport with low emissions? Would you like to ship your goods with little or no carbon footprint? Do you want to improve your environmental performance and profile?


Our partner website Sail Freight Limited provides businesses with the opportunity to move some or all of your goods around the world without damaging the environment.


Our typical routes are for goods being imported to or exported from the United Kingdom, but we are also able to facilitate shipping elsewhere in the world, emission free.


Sail Freight Limited is a logistics provider and sustainable shipping broker offering environmentally responsible businesses the capability to import and export goods almost emission free, using sail-powered cargo ships.


We have seven years of experience demonstrating that sustainable cargo transportation by sail is a viable option for businesses moving goods to and from the UK and Ireland, the European continent and the Americas.


We like to develop long term partnerships with forward thinking businesses to accompany, advise and support them in the transition from their existing polluting logistics chains to develop robust, long term, clean alternatives. 

If you would like to develop a regenerative partnership with Sail Freight Limited or simply want more information please contact us here.

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