We vary the source of our coffee, depending on the quality of each harvest, and its ethical and sustainable provenance.


Our current Shipped by Sail Coffee is a typical Colombian coffee from Antioquia, the central Andean region, produced from Caturra, Castillo and Colombia varietals. It has a chocolate and caramel profile and is a good all-rounder, excellent for both filter and espresso.


The coffee is grown by a group of smallholder farmers from the village of Salgar, 100 km south west of Medellin, at altitudes of between 1600m and 2000m above sea level. The coffee is 100% Arabica and hand picked, carefully selected, fermented, washed and dried on the farms.


Together with our supplier, we believe in paying farmers a fair price for their coffee. We always pay at least the price of certified coffee, but almost always significantly more than that, because we pay for quality.


All our producers are UTZ and Fair Trade certified and our supplier, who visits the farms on a regular basis, is committed to working with the producers to be sustainable and to take care of their environment, treating their waste water and using as few fertilisers and pesticides as possible.


We think you’ll love our coffee.


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