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We have on offer the world-renowned salt of Noirmoutier.


The island of Noirmoutier's humid marshes were transformed into salt pans as far back as the 5th century by Benedictine monks, with the traditional methods of harvesting passed down through the generations.


With just wind, sun and sea, water evaporates to leave a fine layer of white crystals of salt. These are hand-harvested daily in the summer months by the ‘saunier’. It is then drained and air-dried for a year before the salt is packaged at the facilities of the cooperative.


The salt is famous for its subtle fragrance of violets, softness, lack of bitterness and excellent length in the mouth. Though delicate in flavour this salt has a more pronounced taste and only a little is needed to give good flavour.


Fleur de sel is packed with trace elements and minerals. It has a much lower sodium content, which can be harmful in large quantities. Great for seasoning at the table.                                 


About the producer:

The future of this traditional agriculture and the saltwater business is perpetuated by a contract with Aquasel which guarantees prices and volumes over the long term. In 1993 the company AQUASEL was created to enhance the efforts of all the members of the group, also meeting the specific needs of each customer by the availability of its sales team.

Aquasel - Fleur de Sel

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    All orders are dispatched by Royal Mail and we have offset the carbon impact of this journey using Carbon Neutral Britain.

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