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250g of Shipped by Sail Colombian Arabica Coffee Beans.


Our Shipped by Sail coffee is a typical Colombian coffee from Tolima, the central Andean region, produced from Caturra, Castillo and Colombia varietals.




This coffee makes for a complex, well-balanced cup with good acidity. In black coffees, this produces a nice sweetness with soft, woody flavours. Add milk and you’ll find a chocolate with a caramel finish. Either way, we love that it has enough body and strength to linger a little longer.


The beans are supplied from the Las Brisas region in Tolima, Colombia where 15 producers have contributed to this outstanding combination.


With approximately 50% of the crop grown under shade, biodiversity is high and the need for fertilisation is low. The price that each farmer received for this coffee was 27.5% higher than the market price.

The coffee was shipped from the port of Santa Marta and sailed over 4000 nautical miles to our UK shores, with a carbon footprint of close to zero.


The sacks were unloaded by hand and transported via electric van to the roastery.


Beans - Shipped by Sail Colombian Arabica Coffee -1kg

Price Options
One-time purchase
1 bag every month
£25.00every month until canceled
Subscription 6 Month
£25.00every month for 6 months
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