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Shipped by Sail is an environmentally responsible shipping broker and importer of ethically-sound goods.

The passion of the Shipped by Sail team is to bring high quality products, which cannot be grown or produced domestically, to our discerning customers in a sustainable way. At present these products include extra-virgin olive oil from Portugal and coffee from Colombia.


At Shipped by Sail we transport our products on traditional sailing ships, emissions free. This gives us a very low carbon footprint and none of the air and marine pollution caused by conventional shipping. Once on land our products are delivered by electric vehicles, using energy from renewable sources, and by cargo bike.


We also arrange shipping for our customers using our network of sailing ships, to enable them to move their goods and import their products sustainably with minimal emissions. Integrated, sustainable transport solutions – with transport both on sea and land are also possible.


Whether your interest is in having your goods shipped emissions free, purchasing our products for your restaurant, shop or home, or if you would simply like a good old chat, please do get in touch.

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